Your Premier Design/Build Construction Company


With selecting the Design/Build delivery method, the responsibility for the project design and construction, including cost control, quality control and scheduling, is borne by a single company. The principal cost and schedule advantages include the following:

"Value engineering" from the inception of the project, optimizing value, getting the "Best bang for your buck"

"Fast track" overlapping of the design, permitting and construction activities to reduce the total time to occupancy

Early guarantee of price

Possibility of early financing commitments

Early Identification, specification, and order of long lead time, critical path items

The Design/Build process provides numerous advantages to the Owner:

A "Team Approach" that eliminates competing goals and conflicts - eliminates designing without consideration - "Everyone is on the same page"

Reduces administrative burden

Removes Owner from role of referee between Architect and Contractor

Transfers risk from the Owner to the Design/Builder

Additional advantages with Sydow Company:

Design/Builder with an "Owner's Perspective" and a "Build and Keep" mentality

A True design build team with the Architect and Contractor under the same roof

Eliminates duplication of effort

We provide a wide range of services

SYDOW COMPANY, is a Full Service Construction Firm. Site Selection and/or Financing for your new project. Architectural Design coupled with General Contracting, taking your project from conception to completion. Estimating and Project Management making sure the project is in budget and on time. Our team of professionals are dedicated to our clients every step of the way.

Our Team

Michael Sydow

Michael Sydow started his career in construction and project management in 1970 specializing in Hotels. As demand increased for the company’s services in other areas of building, it was decided that all areas of commercial construction as well as custom residential homes would be added to our purview of services. We have built on five continents and numerous countries under unimaginable conditions with a one hundred percent completion record.

John E. Wells

John E. Wells is a practicing architect in Southern California for the last 45 years. His designs can be found throughout the nation in various hotels, shopping malls, light industrial parks, office buildings, medical buildings, condominiums, apartment buildings and custom homes. He is a graduate in the School of Architecture from the University of Southern California, class of 1961.

Vin Nguyen

Vin Nguyen majored in finance at Cal State Fullerton. He manages our lead department as well as the department of financial management of project budgets. He is the instrumental force in Sydow Company’s land acquisition and development program. 

Robert de Malignon

Robert de Malignon has over 30 years of experience in real estate and finance. He works with our clients to ensure that the ideal property is found to meet the criteria they have mapped out together. He then assembles the proper loan packages for various funding institutions thus assuring the maximum value for our clients.

Rick Clay

Started his career as owner/operator of a Survey Company that covered most of the southwest region of the country. Rick also own/operated a very successful drywall company in southern California. Rick eventually sold both businesses to join Calvary Chapel as their construction superintendent. Ricks construction experience spans 45 years and is an invaluable asset to Sydow Company.

Adolfo Espejel

Started his career as a journeyman electrician on commercial projects in his step father’s firm. Adolfo then opened and operated a very successful stone fabrication business in southern California. Adolfo’s construction experience spans 25 years and he is an invaluable asset to Sydow Company.

Raul Sanchez

Started his career in construction as a laborer in his teen age years. Raul has worked around the country on commercial and multifamily projects as a framer. Raul eventually came back home to southern California to start a family. Raul has worked his way up to lead construction foreman with Sydow Company and continues to be a invaluable asset and rising star of the company.